The Edward Jones Dome is barrier-free for guests with disabilities. Drop-off and pick-up for guests with disabilities should be made at the Broadway Central Entrance (on Broadway) or at the Courtyard Entrance (located at 7th Street & Convention Plaza, near Entry A). All entrances, doorways, elevators, and restrooms are accessible. Wheelchair escorts are available at both drop off locations free of charge.  Please see the nearest Guest Service host to request a wheelchair escort.

Children two years or older must have a valid ticket for entry. Children under the age of two are admitted free provided they sit on an adult’s lap as long as doing so does not disturb or obstruct the view of others nearby.


  • Guests at the Edward Jones Dome are encouraged to drink responsibly. The alcohol policies are listed below:
  • The legal drinking age in Missouri is 21. Proper identification is required to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • The dome reserves the right to deny the sale of alcohol to anyone.
  • Only two alcoholic beverages will be sold at any one time per person.
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased during an event must be consumed or discarded prior to leaving the dome.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the designated smoking areas.
  • The purchase limit (2 per person) may be reduced and sales may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of dome management.
  • Guests passing alcohol to minors will be ejected and subject to arrest.
  • Noticeably impaired guests will not be allowed to enter the Dome.
  • Volunteer as the designated driver for your group and register for a prize drawing.  Volunteers must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license. Sign up is at the Guest Service Centers.
  • For the safety of all fans, noticeably impaired guests should be reported to the nearest Guest Service Host or Public Safety Officer.

Guests may obtain a listening device from any Guest Service Center (117,145,417,445) or tune their own portable headset FM receiver to FM 89.1 to pick-up the house sound system.

For your convenience, ATM machines are provided by US Bank and are located inside the Edward Jones Dome at Concourse Level Sections 117 & 145, and Terrace Level Sections 417 and inside the Bud Light Party Zone. For added convenience, all concession stands accept credit cards.

The NFL strongly encourages fans to not bring any type of bags, but outlined below is what is permissible.  Fans will be able to carry the following style and size bag, package, or container at stadium plaza areas, stadium gates, or when approaching queue lines of fans awaiting entry into the stadium:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed
  • 12” x 6” x 12” (Official NFL team logo clear plastic totes will be available through club merchandise outlets or at nflshop.com).
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar).
  • Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap, no larger than 4.5”x6.5.”
  • An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at all gates.
  • All bags are subject to inspection.
  • Prohibited bags will not be “claim-checked” at the gates. If the guest arrives with a prohibited bag and did not drive to the dome, the guest will not be permitted to bring the bag into the event and the bag will not be claim-checked. Guests may dispose of the bag at an outside trash receptacle.
  • Please call the America’s Center at (314) 342-5036 with questions regarding the bag inspection policy.
  • Please go to www.nfl.com/allclear for more information on the clear bag policy.

To maintain a family atmosphere, the Rams and the Edward Jones Dome management reserve the right to prohibit any signs, banners or similar items (including hand held signs) due to space availability, banner size, materials, interference with other fans or message content. Signs, banners or similar items must be football related and in good taste, and may not contain commercial or political endorsements, messages or logos, obscene or indecent language, images or graphic depictions; which may be dangerous, inappropriate, or potentially embarrassing or offensive. No banners expressing support of visiting teams may be affixed to or displayed on any surface. Handheld signs or posters that are in compliance with the balance of this policy are acceptable.

Banners or signs may not be affixed to metal rods, wooden posts or any other material that could cause injury to other patrons. Fans displaying signs or banners should not obstruct any building, team or sponsorship sign, the view of other patrons or cover any mechanical or emergency systems. Banners may be temporarily attached to railings using twine, twist ties or plastic tie wraps.

The Rams and the Edward Jones Dome management reserve the right to remove or confiscate any and all banners, signs or similar items that are in violation of the stadium policy or which in their sole respective judgment, may be offensive. Removed banners will not be returned.

Still camera photography is permitted with lenses up to 3” in length. Digital cameras are permitted as long as they do not record video. The use of a tripod is not permitted. Video recording of any game action is strictly prohibited by the National Football League. Fans observed filming the game will have their video camera confiscated.

For Rams gamedays, closed captioned LED boards are found along the NE and SW sides of the Edward Jones Dome.

Computers are permitted inside the Edward Jones Dome. Tablets (i.e. IPads) are permitted provided they are smaller than 12”x6”x12” and can be powered on during the screening process. Video recording of any game action is strictly prohibited by the National Football League. Fans observed filming the game will have their tablet confiscated.

Costumes are permitted and must be appropriate. Stadium personnel ask that costumes be removed upon arrival at the gates and be kept off until the security process has been completed. Costumes cannot detract from the experience of other patrons. It is at management’s discretion to deem what is appropriate.

  • Masks or other costume pieces that in any way obscure the face are prohibited from entry. Face paint is permitted as long as it is not offensive in nature.
  • Guests are advised that bulky clothing and/or costumes will result in delays at security screening outside the Edward Jones Dome. Guests will be asked to remove their costumes upon arrival at the gates to clear the screening process. Items that do not clear the screening process will be treated as banned items and will not be claim-checked at the gate.
  • Costumes must fit within the confines of the guest’s ticketed seat and must allow for safe passage of fans through the seating row.
  • Toy or replica weapons are prohibited from entry
  • Any item deemed that is dangerous or perceived to be dangerous, unsafe (spikes, sharp looking objects, mallets, etc) or offensive will not be allowed in the Edward Jones Dome.
  • Management reserves the right to deny entry to anyone refusing to remove dangerous or perceived to be dangerous pieces of a costume or clothing.

Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted at all concession stands.

Volunteer as the designated driver in your group and be registered to win a prize drawing. Volunteers must be 21 years of age and have a valid drivers license. Fans can register at any Guest Service Center.

Any of the following will be cause for ejection from Rams football games without refund and may be subject to arrest, and/or revocation of future ticket privileges:

  • Abuse of intoxicants
  • Profane or abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Fighting, taunting, or making threatening remarks or gestures
  • Offensive or disorderly conduct
  • Actions that may harm or endanger others
  • Smoking inside the dome, including electronic or vapor cigarettes
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs
  • Being in possession of prohibited items in the dome
  • Throwing any object (including throwing any object from an escalator)
  • Excessive standing that obstructs the view of others seated in the area
  • Standing or sitting in the aisles
  • Refusing to present a ticket stub when asked by dome personnel
  • Sitting in a location other than your ticketed seat  
  • Standing on chairs and/or defacing or damaging any equipment
  • Entering or attempting to enter the field level or playing field
  • Wearing any apparel with profane or abusive language or picture
  • Failure to follow the instructions of dome personnel
  • Indecent exposure or undressing
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting
  • Attempting to solicit or distribute literature or other materials on the premises
  • Entering the dome with invalid tickets or credentials
  • Any disruption to the progress of the game
  • Any other conduct or action deemed inappropriate by management

Public elevators for use by guests with disabilities are located at the Broadway Central Entrance (on Broadway) and Courtyard Entrance (located at 7th Street & Convention Plaza, near Entry A). Guests with Club and Suite tickets should use the elevators located on the west side of the building by entering at the Courtyard entrance. Complimentary wheelchair assistance is available at both elevator locations to assist our guests in getting to their seats and will provide assistance back to Broadway Central or Courtyard entry when the guest is ready to leave. Please notify Guest Services staff at the Broadway Central Entry or Courtyard Entry to request assistance when you arrive to the game.

In the event of an emergency, guests can be reached by contacting the America’s Center at (314) 342-5036.  Caller must provide the individual’s name and exact seat location (section, row & seat). Public address announcements will only be made to locate a guest in an extreme emergency.

Edward Jones Dome guest services staff are trained to handle any emergency situation that arises. During pre-game, a video will be shown on the scoreboard detailing the evacuation procedure. Should an evacuation become necessary, please make sure you are aware of the exits nearest your seat and be prepared to follow the instructions of the dome staff.

Four fully-equipped and professionally staffed First Aid Rooms are located in the dome at Sections 110, 126, 410 & 429. Contact the nearest Guest Services Host who will summon help or guide you to the most convenient First Aid Room.

As part of NBC’s agreement to televise Sunday night football, the NFL will implement a flexible schedule for Sunday start times for weeks 5-17.  This will allow the NFL to bring more attractive match-ups to a national audience late in the season, and allow teams having breakout years to play their way onto the Sunday night schedule on NBC.

  • Twelve days (12) prior to the scheduled Sunday games in each flex week, the NFL will decide (after consultation with CBS, FOX and NBC) and announce the game being moved to 7:30 p.m. CT and also may announce games moving to 3:05 p.m. CT.  (For the Week 17 games, the decision may be made on six days (6) notice to ensure a Sunday night game with playoff implications.)
  • Please go to www.nfl.com/flexible-schedules for more information.

Footballs landing in the stands as a result of play must be returned to the playing field. An America’s Center Guest Services staff member will identify themselves and request the ball returned to the field of play.

Gates will open 90 minutes prior to kickoff. Gates will open 2 hours early at Entry C only for access to the Bud Light Party Zone. We encourage fans to arrive early to enjoy all aspects of the game.

There are four (4) Guest Service Centers at the Edward Jones Dome. They are located behind sections 117, 145, 417 and 445 to assist guests with lost and found, lost children, dome directions, emergencies, general information and accommodations for guests with disabilities.

Lost and found items may be turned in at any Guest Service Center (117,145,417, 445). Items turned in may be retrieved after the event at the Guest Service Center located on the Concourse Level near Section 117 or by calling the America’s Center administrative offices at (314) 342-5036 the next business day. Lost items will only be held for ten days.

Guests are encouraged to instruct children in their group to find a dome staff member if they become lost or separated from their group. Lost children will be taken to the nearest Guest Service Center (117,145,417,445). Parents looking for a lost child should follow the same procedure. Tag-A-Kid Program: Children may receive bright, fun arm bracelets from guest services displaying their seat location to prevent becoming lost in a crowd.

More than 30,000 parking spaces are available within a 10-minute walk of the Edward Jones Dome. There is also parking for up to 100 busses near the Dome.

You and your belongings may be searched upon entry to the Edward Jones Dome. By tendering a ticket and entering the dome, you consent to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have against the NFL, its member clubs, their affiliates, the Edward Jones Dome or their agents. If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the dome.

For your safety and the continuity of the game on the field, the following items are prohibited in the Edward Jones Dome:

  • Food and beverages*
  • Bottles**, cans, coolers, containers, thermoses
  • Purses larger than a clutch
  • Briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, luggage, computer bags or clear bags that are larger than 12”x6”x12”
  • Camera and binocular cases larger than 6.5”x4.5”
  • Seat cushions
  • Video cameras
  • Glitter or confetti
  • Masks or other costume pieces that in any way obscure the face
  • Peanuts in the shell
  • Projectiles (i.e. Frisbees, mini-footballs or beach balls)
  • Poles or sticks of any kind
  • Laser devices
  • Animals or pets (not including service animals)
  • Artificial noisemakers of any kind (i.e. cowbells or air horns)
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Fireworks, candles, flares, balloons
  • Firearms, knives and weapons of any kind
  • Toy or replica weapons
  • Mace and pepper gas
  • Any item that could obstruct a guest’s view of the field
  • Any item that is deemed dangerous or perceived to be dangerous, unsafe (spikes, sharp looking objects, mallets, etc)  or offensive

* Exceptions may be made for those with medical requirements or special needs.
*  Limited snacks that fit into a quart size bag are allowed for each person.
** Empty, clear plastic bottles 16oz or less are allowed.

Radios and televisions are permitted provided they do not interfere with the enjoyment of the game by other patrons. Please use headsets so as not to disturb other guests.

All games can be heard live on Rams Radio 101.1 FM ESPN.

For the safety of our guests, the Edward Jones Dome has a no re-entry policy.  If a guest exits the facility, they will not be allowed to re-enter.

Security measures may be increased based on direction from the NFL, orders from St. Louis Police or government, as well as the current federal terror threat level. Should the need for increased security measures arise, fans will be notified via local media outlets.

Service animals, or those in training, are welcome in all areas of the dome. No other animal or pet is permitted in the dome.

The Edward Jones Dome is a smoke-free facility. Smoking of any kind, including electronic or vapor cigarettes is prohibited. Smoking is permitted only through the designated smoking areas located at the courtyard (west of Entry A) and outdoors at Entry C and Entry D. Guests who exit the Dome outside the designated smoking areas will not be permitted to re-enter the Dome in accordance with the Dome re-entry policy.  

Strollers are permitted inside the Edward Jones Dome. If the strollers are small enough they may be stored under your seat during the game. Larger strollers may be checked at a Guest Service Center location (117, 145, 314, 417, 445).

Preseason games will air on selected networks, local or national, depending on the game date. Rams regular season games are controlled by the NFL’s national network partners (CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network).

For assistance with fan behavior on game days, text ‘RESPECT’ <space> location & issue to 69050. Standard SMS rates apply.

Umbrellas are permitted inside the Edward Jones Dome if they are small enough to be stored under your seat during the game.

Will Call windows open three hours prior to kickoff and close after halftime. Will Call is located at the main ticket office on the East side of the Edward Jones Dome at the Broadway Central Entrance (between entries B & C). Rams season ticket holders wanting to leave tickets for pick-up should do so at Will Call. The season ticket holder must clearly record the name of the person picking up the tickets and also indicate his or her name along with a phone number (preferably mobile phone) on the ticket envelope. Will Call tickets can be claimed only by the person whose name appears on the ticket envelope. Valid photo I.D. is required.

The Edward Jones Dome provides complimentary wheelchair escorts for guests who request assistance.  Wheelchair assistance is available free of charge at two locations:  Broadway Central and the Courtyard entry, just west of Entry A.  These two locations are also our designated drop off areas.

For guests who did not have a wheelchair escort when they entered the Dome but would like to request a ride out of the Dome, we ask that you see one of the Guest Services wheelchair escorts at the nearest Guest Service Centers, which are located near Section 117, 145, 417 and 445. Club and Suite ticket holders should see the Concierge on these levels to request a wheelchair escort for a ride out of the Dome.